"it was all an illusion.." - illusion

Describing himself as a "pop up artist", Unknownphrazes is a songwriter/performer and producer from Cleveland, Ohio. He delivers high-energy, electronic performances displaying versatility by incorporating upbeat new-age hip hop and electronic soul while playing his beats live. He is able to control and interact with any crowd making his sets an incredible experience. 


Unknownphrazes started making music at a young age in a hip hop collective "Common Ave", where he had the opportunity of doing over 100 shows. In 2018, he released his debut EP, "Subject 13", where he self-produced, recorded, engineered, and created his cover art. 2019, he released 3-track EP, "It Was All An Illusion", an electronic soul project, written and produced by him. 


"Days Spent with you"

now available!


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"it was all an illusion"

now available!

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