Santino Cash

“You can’t show love if you don’t know love, this is where it starts.” - 'Equanimity'

The term “jack of all trades” can usually be presented with an attached “master of none”, this isn’t the case for Tino Cash. Born Santino M. Cash, Tino is the co-founder of creative collective and independent music label ALOOF Recordings. A project that launched in 2011 with longtime friend and collaborator, Case Bargé. In the beginning, ALOOF was a side project Tino was working on while producing Bargé’s mixtape “BasState of Mind”. Bargé noticed and suggested they use the name as an imprint of their own to release music, taking the power into their own hands. Tino went on to create the acronym / mantra of ALOOF (Alls Lost Outside Our Fantasy) as well as illustrated the first and current logos respectively. Today, while continuing to curate content for the label, it’s artists, and events, he also remains Bargé’s sole in-house producer. All while developing a new branch in the ALOOF family tree, 610 Filmworks.

As an admirer of the silver screen for as long as he can remember, Tino sites daily trips to see “Men In Black” with his father as an early testament to his passion for movies. From a film’s dialogue and character development, to it’s cinematography and editing, Tino pays close attention to every detail. These tips have paid off as his camera work with Bargé is featured in multiple publishings. This is part of what has granted him the solidarity to continue on. However, it’s the understanding of universal balance, and that everything is as it should be, that grants him the peace of mind to live in equanimity.






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