Tru is an artist like no other. Growing up in the streets of Leimert Park Los Angeles, he carries a diverse & critical perspective on life, which is reflected through his music. Applying "street smarts" and sacred knowledge in spreading awareness to raise level of our collective conscious. Through his music & spoken word there is surely something that speaks to every individual, open your mind, and enter the realm.

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What does peace mean to you?

Peace is one part of the Divine Trinity. Love, Peace, Unity. Peace represents togetherness, it represents the state of which self love / unconditional love brings you too. It represents the future of humanity. Peace is potential, and it is hope.

How can we create a peaceful world?

We have to be fearless and let go of the boundaries we were born into. Through means of art, knowledge, health. We must organize our resources and our ideas and see for ourselves how many people fight for the same cause. Then we'll see there is no need to fight, because the intention is already there, and we will build our future world off love, respect, and power that unity holds.

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