Case Bargé is a soulful, multi-genre lyrical expressionist and the co-founder of ALOOF Recs (Alls Lost Outside Our Fantasy.)  Fans describe Bargé as conscious, passionate, and dedicated to perfecting his craft. With the mission to continue to raise levels of consciousness, Bargé recently relocated  to Los Angeles to continue pushing his debut album, 'INSANITY' and to work on new material. 

Outside of the music scene, Case Bargé is an advocate for the homeless and has a project in the works to end the cycles of homelessness. He enjoys spending time dropping off food to those in need on the streets and beaches of LA and hopes to inspire others to make a positive impact as well.

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What does peace mean to you?

Peace is being at your highest state of consciousness

How can we create a peaceful world?

We can start by accepting who we are and embrac our being, Learn to love yourself and everyone around you  Then take the steps toward creating a better environment as a whole. Start thinking for self and stop living the life we're programmed into believing is the way we have to live  orchestrated by the system  

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