"Shine bright like the light you are..promise you'll go far. Find inner-peace, grow into your being.." - 'Breach'

Case Bargé is an alternative hip-hop song writer/performer and the founder of Alls Lost Outside Our Fantasy (ALOOF Recs), a creative collective and independent music label working towards social and environmental transformation through artistic expression. His motivation is to inspire and raise levels of consciousness through his creations by guiding those who are distracted by what is sold and exploited in today's mainstream music and media. Whether it's the exploitation of violence, drugs, and women or the destruction of politics, religion, and race; these are topics that drive him to better the music industry and humanity as a whole. Not only does he focus on those topics, the plant-based artist promotes a healthy lifestyle to better our health and to help the environment.

Powerful messages come from the once struggling homeless artist that knows about hunger all too well. Making ends meet any way possible, Bargé walked around the grimy streets of Cleveland day and night as he recited lines with every step. He managed to get through hardships after his close encounter to death, battling a hernia in the brain, getting robbed at gun point, and having to learn to walk again. With his journey and struggles, he was given the purpose to be that role model he never had and to empower generations.

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