What is Peace of Mind?

Peace of Mind is a collaborative peace campaign and an ongoing series of events where people can go to free themselves from anything they’re going through. Each event gives you a moment to be worry-free, celebrate your life, and to be around all love and positivity. All funds raised from each event will go towards our Peace Campaign and an annual ‘Peace of Mind: Art, Music, + Soul Festival’ that brings awareness to an organization that deserves to be recognized for their positive efforts in bettering our world.

Why Peace of Mind?

There is a lot going on in the world and everyone is dealing with their own challenges and distractions. This time is to unite and discover oneness because we need each other. Let’s continue to talk, but now we need to take action! Let’s celebrate our being, be free, and to share our natural gifts to create a better, sustainable world out of love.


The Campaign:

We have to go out and create a better world. It starts with us! BE THE PEACE! Go out in your community and do something positive. Currently, we have been passing out dinners to the homeless on the streets and beaches of Santa Monica, Venice, and Downtown LA. With an open heart and an open mind we can inspire and impact lives together. Community effort opportunities will be posted here soon.


Our mission is to simply inspire people to find inner-peace so there will be world peace. 

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